❤ - I wanna be your girlfriend/boyfriend
    ♋ - I wanna fuck you
    ❣ - I wanna go out with you
    ♡ - I think you're cute
    ✌ - I think you're awesome
    ☠ - I think you're crazy
    ✘ - I don't like you
    ☢ - I hate you
    ★ - I think you're funny
    ツ - I wish we could be friends
    ∞ - I wanna marry you
    ✿ - I stalk you
    웃 - do me a baby!
    ✆- Call Me
    ✉- Write Me
    ✵- I Likes You
    ✲- (insert poop joke here)
    ✳- Be Mine
    ❣- I want to be with you forever
    ❂- Your atomic!
    ➑- Your lucky!
    ♛- I, I will be king
    ♚- And you, you will be queen
    ☣- I hope you catch leprosy
    ❧ - I'm going to punch you in your privates
    ❦- I want to kick your face
    ☾- Let's make out
    ☽- I want to feel you up
    ✖- Let's start a war
    ₪ - Let's start a nuclear war
    ♔- I wish you were a porpoise
    ♕- I will tapdance on your grave when your dead
    ✍- [insert your own comment here]
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true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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Anonymous: Yoooooo. I'll message you soon. I forgot my Skype password and I'm trying to log in. 

Okiee. I can’t even get on my skype rn:o